What We Offer

NEI Conferences – Continuing Medical & Dental Education –
Virtually Anytime-Anywhere!

NEI Conferences offers you the flexibility you need to advance, maintain and improve your qualification in the Medical, Dental and Legal Fields at the destination of your choice and in your own time frame.
Learn Anytime-Anywhere! With our Travel’n’Learn programs

Medical Education – Travel CME

The Continuing Medical Education, Medical Conferences and Medical Courses offered by NEI are unique in their structure and format. You can take them Anytime-Anywhere; meaning they are built to the highest standard by qualified professionals and offered on a geo-locked and time-locked online format which allows you to manage them around your life and not the other way around. Our CME courses address all Medical professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Anesthesiologists, and all professional and medical support staff members to improve, advance and refresh your knowledge.

Dental Education – Travel CDE

Advance, refresh and improve your knowledge and credential through NEI’s unique Continuing Dental Education format. Available Anytime-Anywhere, offered by qualified professionals when you want it and where you want it.
NEI understands how busy you are and how important a getaway can be for you or/and for your family and offers its unique and accredited CDE conferences. Courses are available where you want them, when you want them, making both convenient, flexible and qualified education and professional tax rebates.

With NEI Conferences; CME, CDE and CLE plans, claim the proportionate part of your vacation or cruise as business or educational expense*.

All our conferences, seminars and courses are destination and date specific, this is what qualifies and accredits them to the respective authority and organization. You will only be able to access the content from the destination you chose within the time frame you chose.

*USA Tax Regulation: Treasury Reg. 1.162.5; Caughlin v Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 203F 2d 307. / Canada: IT Bulletin 357-R2 paragraph 2
(Always consult with your tax Advisor)