How It Works

NEI Conferences offers the flexibility and convenience you deserve, by allowing you to choose the travel destination or cruise of your choice, the dates of travel you want and the Conferences, Seminars and Education you need. It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

And here is how;

  1. Choose your destination (an Alaskan cruise, a week in France, a beach in Cuba, etc.), any destination you want, you are the master of your life, we are here to facilitate.
  2. Choose your travel date, any date, 24/7/365, there is no limitation, no blackout dates, it’s completely up to you.
  3. Book your education requirements from our list of; Medical Education, Medical Seminars Medical Conferences, Dental Education, Dental Seminars, Dental Conferences, Legal Education, Legal Conferences, Legal Seminars.
  4. Travel, arrive at your destination and you are done! You now have a qualified accredited Medical Education, conference or seminar, vacation, a Dental Conference or Seminar Vacation or cruise, booked around your needs and schedule. Enjoy!

*All our conferences, seminars and courses are destination and date specific. This is what qualifies and accredits them to the respective authority and organization. You will only be able to access the content from the destination you chose within the time frame you chose.