Global HealthNet

Developing medical initiatives today - to promote stronger and healthier communities of tomorrow.


Global HealthNet is an agency founded by NEI’s North American doctors, which monitors and directs continuous improvements to the field of medicine by practicing corporate citizenship, social responsibility and medical accountability on an International level. We are proud that proceeds from each NEI Conference Series helps to fund future initiatives of Global HealthNet.

GHN is committed to the global community. Their mission is to promote responsible citizenship by contributing to lasting positive change focused on basic human needs through access to education, health and medical information technology.

Global HealthNet believes that as a result of a combined effort, not only are we able to explore many impact programs throughout the globe but, accomplish the following:

Ensure Continuing Education is provided to professionals in remote areas of the world through an ambitious learning and research program designed for health professionals treating the general public.

Through the assistance of the most respected and renowned medical practitioners and inventors support, the development and distribution of new medical equipment and medical information technology to developing countries around the globe.

To increase awareness by providing information and training courses at the government level for officials and its citizens on the four pillars of disaster management.