F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions - CME, CDE Travel


  1. How does it work?

    Simple, you choose your destination, your travel dates and then book your CME or CDE Lectures or Conferences with NEI Conferences. Once you register for your courses your log-in information will be emailed to you and you will be ready to turn your next vacation or cruise into a continuing education opportunity.

  2. Are there any black-out dates?

    No. Conferences need to be taken 365 days a year.  NEI is here to help.

  3. Can I really take your seminars and courses anywhere?

    Yes.  NEI Conferences has organized tailor made conference series for delegates on land travels internationally (from Canada to Australia and back again), traditional cruises and riverboat cruises.

  4. How do I pay?

    Payment can be made with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or through an online secure site where your financial details are not shared.

  5. Do I book my travel through NEI Conferences?

    The Registration Team at NEI can certainly assist you with your basic travel arrangements however; most of our delegates choose to make arrangements on their own.  It is not a prerequisite of an NEI Conference Series to book travel with NEI.

  6. What type of credentials/qualification do I receive by completing a course with NEI Conferences?

    NEI's courses are accredited with the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) and the Ordre des Dentistes du Quebec which are reciprocal with most medical and dental associations across North America and Europe.  If you are uncertain, please verify with your local association/organization.

  7. Can I go to the same destination multiple times?

    Yes.  Even though your travel destination may be the same, your conference series will not be.

  8. Can I take multiple lectures for multiple destinations at the same time?

    Please review our conference series categories to find one that suits you best.  Then, give us a call and we will help tailor your lectures in a way that allows you freedom to 'Travel and Learn Anytime-Anywhere'.

  9. Where can I view the lectures?

    Lectures may be viewed on a laptop, smart phone or iPad.  Some courses may not yet be available on iPad so, if you are not certain which ones are compatible, please give us a call.

  10. How can I view the lectures?

    After finalizing your confirmation letter and payment, all the login and viewing information will be sent to you via email.  The process is very simple but, if you have any questions, we can help you prior to as well as during your conference series.

  11. Do I receive travel incentives/rebates for my travel when I register for a Conference/Lecture?

    NEI Conferences has corporate dealings with Starwood Hotels, Fairmont Hotels and Apple which may assist you with making your travel arrangements as well as purchasing your equipment.

  12. I am having problems with my login.  Now what?

    During regular business hours, you may call us at: 1 866 685 6860, email us at: info@neiconferences.com or fax us at: +1 514 683 2345 for immediate assistance.  We will do our utmost to contact you upon receiving your communications.  Outside of regular office hours, you may send us an email. One of the members from the Registration Team will contact you.

  13. I lost my flight or the flight is grounded, I will not make it to my destination on time, now what?

    Not a problem.  Delays happen and are unfortunate.  Just contact a member of our registration team and we will help to make it right.

  14. How often do you update your lectures?

    Lectures will be updated every 3-4 weeks throughout the year.  We are very excited for all the new presentations which we will be offering our delegates.

  15. I had to change my travel arrangements, now what?

    Just give us a call and we will see what is available in your new destination/dates and we will take care of organizing your new details.