NEI Conferences - About us

Established in 2001, NEI Conferences was created to provide qualified and accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Dental Education (CDE) seminars and conferences to delegates seeking to improve and update their qualification at a time and place of their choosing.
Thus Creating their ideal CME and CDE Vacation or Cruise all while receiving CME and CDE credits!


NEI Conferences is the learning medium of over 10000 delegates, because of its flexible, custom made, individually tailored and high-quality Continuing Medical Education Seminars and Conferences, Continuing Dental Education Seminars and Conferences and Continuing Legal Education Seminars and Conferences.

NEI Advantage

  1. NEI Conferences ONLY offers lectures, which are tailor-made annually for NEI delegates and are always reviewed by a CME CDE CLE Advisory Board. NEI Conferences does not use recycled material or lectures that are readily found on the internet.
  2. With NEI Conferences, a health professional may choose his own dates and locations of travel – 365 days a year.
  3. Any online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education from NEI Conferences is created specifically for that individual at the time of registration. Go with a group – go on your own. Anything is possible with NEI Conferences; CE organizer and exclusive provider of the NEI Travel and Learn Format. 
  4. Not only can one claim NEI Conferences for accreditation by Medical and Dental Associations alike, but, NEI’s e-learning format also has support from the Canadian and Quebec not-for-profit government e-learning associations – the only company worldwide which can claim legitimacy in that area.
  5. NEI Conferences has been established by doctors for doctors who feel strongly that education should continue to always be the primary component of NEIs success. Delegates have made it clear from the start that they desire to be educated and do not have time to waste on courses, which review material taught in medical/dental school no matter what the tax-deductibility is. Health Professionals have a right to be able to combine high-quality serious continuing education courses with travel.
  6. At NEI Conferences, the staff has been experienced in organizing conferences since 1997, and involved in continuing education since 1976. The principals of NEI Conferences established a travel CME seminars series specifically to cater to the needs of professionals. Everyone involved in the NEI Conferences project [including support staff] must have a background in medicine, law and/or dentistry. Not only was that but, NEI Conferences the first company worldwide to provide this type of travel and learn format.
  7. NEI Conferences has a database of speakers who are some of the most renowned specialists in their field. Many faculty members have over 30 years of experience in education and because NEI rotates its lecture series annually, health professionals are sure to hear a range of topics and speakers on an ongoing basis. Based on delegate feedback, we are proud to say that our lecture material is consistently rated at 4 and 5 out of 5.
  8. Only NEI Conferences provides online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education within a travel context i.e. our lectures cannot be accessed except away from the registrant’s home town. Due to a sophisticated software and system developed by the IT department of NEI Conferences, health professionals have the opportunity to combine travel and learning whatever time of year, whatever the location.
  9. NEI Conferences can offer a physician CME travel format in the destination of your choosing on the dates that you have indicated as stated – you cannot access our lectures at home. NEI has initiated and created this 24/7/365 travel and learn format at the location of your choosing – other than your hometown. NEI monitors your location and knows registrants are where they say they are without a doubt.

NEI Mission

We are guided by a mission that emphasizes the growth and development of our customers:

  • Create growth and development opportunities for all employees;
  • Support healthcare organizational development Agencies striving for organizational success;
  • Nurture a culture that values competence and continuous improvement.

NEI Vision

To be a nationally recognized training and development organization that:

  1. Supports and promotes excellence in development of people and organizations
  2. Values accountability, respect for self and others, and customer service
  3. Promotes competence within individuals, departments, and agencies

NEI Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy provides us with a set of guidelines from which we provide training, education, which are in lockstep with organizational development programs.

  • We take pride in offering educational programs and services that are relevant to the needs of all healthcare employees and their parent organizations.
  • We strive to provide an interactive learning environment that is conducive to free and open exchange of information and ideas.
  • We search for new and innovative ways to offer training and educational services to employees of healthcare employers.

How it Works

NEI Conferences offers the flexibility and convenience you deserve, by allowing you to choose the travel destination or cruise of your choice, the dates of travel you want and the Conferences, Seminars and Education you need. It's as simple as 1, 2, and 3! And here is how;

  1. Choose your destination (an Alaskan cruise, a week in France, a beach in Cuba, etc...), any destination you want, you are the master of your life, we are here to facilitate.
  2. Choose your travel date, any date, 24/7/365, there are no limitation, no black-out dates, it's completely up to you.
  3. Book your education requirements from our list of; Medical Education, Medical Seminars Medical Conferences, Dental Education, Dental Seminars, Dental Conferences, Legal Education, Legal Conferences, Legal Seminars.
  4. You are done! You now have a qualified accredited Medical Education, conference or seminar, vacation, a Dental Conference or Seminar Vacation or cruise, booked around your needs and schedule. Enjoy!

*All our conferences, seminars and courses are destination and date specific, this is what qualifies and accredits them to the respective authority and organization. You will only be able to access the content from the destination you chose within the time frame you chose.